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Google+ Community on Work-Life-Travel Balance Launched

January 4, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: VacationCounts is excited to announce the launch of a new public community on Google+ for people that want to balance work, life, and travel. For working people that love to travel, it is clear that the dated concept of "work-life balance" does not capture the true balance among equals. By embracing a total work-life-travel balance approach, avid travelers can discover and leverage new ways to take more time off from work and life.

This community is the place for anyone to contribute to the discussion by sharing advice, online articles, and be inspired to dedicate more time to traveling the world.

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Travel Landing Pages Deliver Call-to-Action to Capture Book Later Leads

September 4, 2013

Summary: The latest innovation in landing pages for hotels, tour operators, and travel businesses is the Book Later Landing Page... When a visitor to any travel site likes what they see but are not ready to "Book Now", they should be directed to a landing page to take the next action...

Read more and sign up for a Freemium license from our pricing page at Book Later Button Buy Now or Later.

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Freemium Travel Marketing Widget for Small Hotels and Independent Tour Operators

March 28, 2013

Summary: Smaller hotels and independent tour operators can add a travel remarketing widget to their website. The Book Later Button free license (now in beta) offers a way to send email reminders to visitors to return and complete a direct booking when they are ready.

Read more and request your complimentary travel email marketing widget at Freemium Offer.

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Launch a Travel Remarketing Campaign with the Book Later Button™ Now In Beta

November 27, 2012

Summary: Travel remarketing is now possible with the beta release of the Book Later Button™ widget and hosted app from BookingCounts. Visitors to travel selling websites can click to request an email reminder to return and complete a booking later. During the beta release, all annual licenses are priced at 50% off using coupon code BETA. Read more and be ready to launch travel re-marketing at

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The Book Later Button for Tourism Conversion Optimization Launches Beta Program

September 17, 2012

Summary: BookingCounts, a leader in tourism website optimization software, announces the exclusive beta program for the Book Later Button™. Hotel, tour, attraction, adventure, specialty and online travel marketers can request an invitation and be rewarded with more bookings now and later.

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Tourism Businesses Now Have 144 More Ways to Get Visitors to Click the “Book Now” Button

June 14, 2012

Summary: BookingCounts, a leader in booking conversion optimization, releases a bundle of royalty-free “Book Now” buttons for tourism websites. Travel marketers can download and leverage these valuable web graphics to help get more direct bookings.

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