Travel Landing Pages Deliver Call-to-Action to Capture Book Later Leads

September 4, 2013 -- The latest innovation in landing pages for hotels, tour operators, and travel businesses is the Book Later Landing Page. General purpose landing pages capture ad traffic by convincing people to sign up to download content or to be contacted. Book Later Landings Pages are optimized for stage two of the booking conversion funnel. When a visitor to any travel site likes what they see but are not ready to "Book Now", they should be directed to a landing page to take the next action. Unless travel websites actively capture contact information for remarketing purposes, they risk losing bookings to forgetfulness and the competition.

BookingCounts released the Book Later Button as a website widget for travel email remarketing in early 2013. Based on customer feedback it was quickly determined that many travel marketers prefer the ease of installation and flexibility of a cloud-hosted landing page. That insight led to the development of a landing page option. Now any hospitality website, tour operator, travel seller, or tourist attraction can simply link to their custom landing page to capture leads and remarket via booking reminder email.

The Book Later Landing Page follows the same opt-in email marketing techniques as the widget with several major advantages. First, since the landing page is hosted in the cloud, there are zero installation and compatibility concerns. Second, it offers page design options and for premium licenses, a branded landing page URL. Finally, since it is a standard web link, it can be added to any web page as well as on traveler targeted social media posts, email campaigns, and third party listings.

By signing up for a Freemium software license, independent hotels, B&Bs, tour operators as well as online travel agencies can get the Book Later Button and Landing Page for free. By capturing "not ready to book now" leads and sending out automated email reminders, travel marketers can get a second chance at direct booking conversion. Unless every travel business deploys a landing page, time and money spent on online advertising will lead to vanishing leads and lost bookings.

About BookingCounts

The Book Later Button™ is the only lead capturing and email remarketing software built for the travel industry. Developed by BookingCounts, a leader in tourism website optimization and booking conversion technology, it delivers email reminders to convince visitors to return and book later. Since 2011 when Meliovation launched the "Get More Bookings" blog, has been a valuable source of advice for hotels, tour operators, travel agencies, and tourist activity businesses.

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