Launch a Travel Remarketing Campaign with the Book Later Button™ Now In Beta

November 27, 2012 -- Online travel sellers have a new technology to retarget website visitors with a timely email reminder to return and complete a booking. The Book Later Button™ has officially launched as a beta release and is available for sale on It combines a "Book Later" website widget with an email remarketing web app. Tourism sites can capture consumers that are not ready to "Book Now" with a re-marketing tool built for the travel industry.

"The Book Later Button will quickly become an essential remarketing program for travel websites, especially independent lodging, online travel agencies, and tour operators that want to leverage the proven effectiveness of email to get more direct bookings," says Scott Petoff of Meliovation. Retargeting and remarketing are the new buzzwords in the online marketing world. Major travel sites have already started to introduce banner ad retargeting on the Google Display Network. This type of re-marketing shows the end user the same ad again and again once they leave a site and browse elsewhere. While effective, it can also be intrusive and repetitive to the point of crossing the online privacy comfort zone.

With email retargeting using the Book Later Button, visitors must express their interest by clicking to request a reminder email. This is more powerful than generic retargeting which treats every visitor as a warm lead based only on browsing behavior. A travel remarketing email is private, personal, and the message sticks around in the inbox until the recipient decides to take action (by clicking a link) or deletes the message. Since the Book Later Button is only for websites with a "Book Now" button, the result is a social media sharing-like widget that speaks the language of online booking conversion.

During the beta release, annual licenses are priced at 50% off using coupon code BETA. Smaller and independent travel and tour companies can opt for the Standard license, while larger travel providers can select the Premium license. Either way customers can design the "Not Ready to Book Now?" widget, edit the booking reminder email template, and gain access to travel remarketing analytics. Since the BookingCounts App is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, it offers an established level of uptime, performance, and security. Plus is saves a fortune over traditional retargeting pay per click campaigns.

About BookingCounts

Meliovation LLC launched the BookingCounts brand to publish expert advice in tourism website optimization and develop booking conversion technology for the travel industry. The "Get More Bookings™" blog and newsletter at offers how-to articles and resources for independent sellers of travel online. New for 2012 is the Book Later Button™, a travel sharing widget and remarketing app that delivers email reminders to convince visitors to return to complete a booking.