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Meliovation Company Information

Meliovation™ was originally founded in 2002 with the goal of developing travel technology and publishing travel content for both consumers and businesses worldwide. Petoff's first software product was Vacation Designer and was sold from 2002 until 2007 in both USA and European editions. It won the prestigious award for Best Hobby Software in 2006 at the annual shareware industry conference in Denver, Colorado. After a few years pursuing other software ventures, Meliovation LLC was formed in 2012.  

Petoff, Travel Blogger and App Developer

The launch of Meliovation LLC saw the introduction of several travel media and technology brands. 

The VacationCounts™ blog began publishing in 2010, with practical advice and inspiration to "take more time off" from work to enjoy life to the fullest. People who want to embrace a healthy work-life-vacation balance can learn how to maximize their time for family, travel, and enrichment. The VacationCounts Web App (released from 2018 to 2023) helped people organize their past vacation memories and plan future trips using their annual paid time off benefits and holidays. 

The travel marketing site BookingCounts (no longer operating) launched in 2011 to promoted the latest trends in "Book Now" and "Book Later" travel website conversion optimization. It offered do-it-yourself advice for independent hotels, tour operators, and travel agencies on how to capture leads and get more bookings now and later.

The tourist attractions project SubscribeDublin is a unique guide to signing up for email newsletters for the best things to do in Dublin, Ireland. It is targeted toward expats and residents of Dublin as well as tourists visiting Ireland that want to discover events and places to visit. 

Written by part-time travel blogger and bleisure expert Dr. J, Sidewalk Safari is our personal world travel guidebook going strong since 2008. It captures incredible destinations one step at a time with stunning photography (including doors!) and inspiring trip itinerary reports. Her travel blog includes in-depth advice for Ireland, Portugal, and European city breaks as well as the 60 countries (and counting) visited to date.

Meliovation and BookingCounts founder, Scott Petoff

Company Founder - Scott Petoff

As founder and president, Scott runs product management, software development, and travel marketing for Meliovation. He has been involved in the creation of innovative software and websites since 1994. Award winning and best selling software products for consumers that have previously been managed and developed by Petoff were published by Books That Work (CD-ROM titles for home care, gardening, and car buying) and Sierra Online (Home and Landscape Design in 2D, 3D, and Photo editing). 

Numerous other technology solutions have benefited from Scott's leadership and creative technology skills including software systems for audio e-book devices (Sega Dreamcast), medical testing instruments (kiosk and touch screen), clinical trial management (Microsoft® content portals), and employment/HR/legal technology (SaaS web applications for corporations). As the lead designer and programmer on Vacation Designer for Windows PCs (trip itinerary maker that you can print and take with you), he has won accolades and awards.

Today Scott is the travel blogger for VacationCounts and BookingCounts, while managing the online marketing and app development efforts of both company brands.

Where does the name Meliovation™ come from?

The name of the business represents two themes that showcase the philosophy of the organization. The root "melio" comes from the Latin term "meliora" which is defined as "always better", and forms the basis for such words as ameliorate. The second half, "vation", is the suffix of the word "innovation" or "the introduction of something new." 

So, put together, "Meliovation" comes to mean "striving for improvement (betterment) through (technical) innovation."  We think it sums up the company and our travel products and services quite well.