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The VacationCounts site (a Meliovation brand) is written for people that want to take more quality time off from work to enjoy life to the fullest. The advice and time-off maximization tips cover:

  • Optimizing a Healthy Work-Life Balance

  • Understanding HR Time Off Benefits

  • Time Management to Free Up More Time

  • Online Travel Planning and Inspiration

  • Creating More Family and Enrichment Time

  • Career and Expat Opportunities to Break Free

  • Money Saving and Budget Travel Tips

Are you suffering from vacation deprivation? Visit the blog at to learn how to get, create, and take more vacations. Enjoy more free time off to meet all your life goals.

Never Miss Your Vacations

Travel Software for Tracking Your Vacation Memories

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It’s far too easy to forget about past vacations and lose the benefits of taking time off from work and life. With the new VacationCounts™ web app it is now simple to keep an organized and detailed list of every vacation taken.

Whether you access it on a desktop browser or mobile device, you can collect past travels to relive vacation memories, track vacation days (your time off benefits), measure work-life balance, and be inspired to plan more trips.

Visit the VacationCounts Web App Product Page