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BookingCounts (a Meliovation travel brand) is how-to site for independent hotels, tour operators, and travel businesses. The blog teaches booking conversion optimization using our "101 Ways to Get More Bookings" training program. By capturing travel consumer leads that are not ready to book now, travel marketers can use email remarketing techniques to get more direct bookings.

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"Book Now" Conversion Optimization

Whether you run a hotel, online travel agency, tourist attraction, tour company, adventure tour guide service, or destination event, your website can benefit from more repeat visitors and an optimized look-to-book ratio. Increasing traffic to your travel website site via SEO, social media, content marketing, and online ad campaigns is the first step. Next you must leverage hard-earned traffic by capturing leads before they browse elsewhere and forget to return. With the proven effectiveness of email marketing, your travel business can get a second chance to remarket to warm leads and convert them to paying customer (Book Now or Later).

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